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                   MillCreek Fragrance Sample Packs

Save $5.00 by ordering below; a great way to try our premium fragrance oils!
Your choice of 10 two-ounce fragrance samples for $30.00, over a $35.00 value! Choose as many sample packs as you like with any combination of ten 2-ounce fragrance oils listed below. Simply scroll in the boxes and click the 'Add to Cart' button.

If ordering by USPS  be sure to fill up your box to get the most for your $$$.
One  box will hold three Fragrance Sample Packs, so be sure to fill up your box!

Fragrance 1

Fragrance 2

Fragrance 3

Fragrance 4

Fragrance 5

Fragrance 6

Fragrance 7

Fragrance 8

Fragrance 9

Fragrance 10