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Fragrance Oils

MillCreek is known for premium fragrance oils. Our focus is filling homes with beautiful fragrances that speak to the heart, evoking happy memories and in creating new ones.

MillCreek fragrance oils may be used in many applications including: soy, paraffin, wax blends, beeswax, lotion and soap bases, spray bases, bath salts and potpourri. Before adding fragrances to our growing line we test each and every scent!  All of our fragrance oils are free of harmful phthalates and all of our fragrances are premium oils--no seconds here!

Click Here for our Fragrance Sample Pack--must order from this link to receive $5.00 off. Includes your choice of ten 2 ounce samples with no limits on the number of packs purchased.  A great way to try new scents!


When trying new scents, we recommend ordering the sample 2 ounce size to insure fragrances meet your specifications as we do not issue refunds or returns as stated on our Policy Page.


productAcacia & Birch 179
Popular designer scent type brings realities fruity notes of black currant & mandarin with base notes that combine birch, sandalwood, musk and tonka. Body Safe. FP205

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Almond 150
Popular scent of distinctive sweet almond with a fruity undertone.
Body Safe. FP169
  Amber 093
Crystal amber lends to notes of lotus blossom, lily and jasmine surrounded by blonde woods finishing in a lovely musk base.
Body Safe. FP212
  Amish Quilt  
The cozy comfort of wrapping yourself up in  love with the wafting aromas of warm cinnamon, spiced cloves, sweet apples and orange peels with base notes of welcoming vanilla bean. FP175.6


  productAngel Wings 115
Heavenly scent with notes of soft sandalwood, vanilla musk leading into notes of bergamot and floral blends of rose, jasmine, lavender and carnation.
Body Safe. FP165.9
  productApple Blossom 120
Popular type scent highlights
winter candy apple notes mingled with base notes of fresh ozone in a vanilla musk base.
Body Safe. FP212
  productApple Jack & Peel 001
Multi-layered scent of fresh apples with a top note of rich spices and a hint of tangy orange.
Body Safe. FP147
  productApricot Sorbet 129
Juicy, sweet vine ripened apricots blended with hints of sweet peach and melon combined with a splash of sweet vanilla milk.
Body Safe. FP212
  Arctic Air 199
Brilliant fragrance notes of eucalyptus, spearmint, wild rose and dew fresh ferns leading to snow pines, blue jasmine magnolia and white lilies finishing with a base of white musk, balsam and sandalwood. 
Body Safe, FP179
  productAutumn Leaves 024A
When the leaves turn their brilliant shades of gold and red, fall has cast its hypnotic spell. The naturally fresh, woody smell of leaves in the brisk autumn air, this vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves, with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom added to the blend, brings the glory of fall to your home.  Body Safe.

  productAutumn/Seasoned Sage 002
This wonderful housewarming scent is the perfect blend of crisp falling leaves, drying herbs with a top note of clean fresh air.
productBaby Powder Fresh 003
Dreamy scent invokes memories cradling little ones. Very true to J&J's baby powder.
Body Safe. FP212
  Backroads 096
Popular outdoor stormwatch, fresh woody bouquet with tops notes of ozone, fresh leafy greens, lemon and apple combined with bright cedar, jasmine, lavender, violet and lilac highlighted with a soft musk.
 Body Safe, FP205
  productBalsam & Spice 004
Delightful spicy pine with a top note of sweet orange, cinnamon and clove.  The heart is warm pine with lavender, pimento berry, eucalyptus and cedar. The base is a fir balsam musk. Commonly renamed Christmas Past for the holidays. Body Safe. FP169
  productBanana Nut Bread 005
Whiffs of warm sliced banana nut bread fresh from the oven. A great mix of bananas, nuts, and sweet warm bread.
Body Safe. FP129.9
  Basil, Sage & Mint 044B
Fresh medley of peppermint sprigs, garden basil and clary sage with hints of citrus zests.
Body safe. FP200
  Bayberry 061
Festive fragrance has fruity berry and forest spruce top notes combined with clove, and a touch of fresh ginger.
Body safe. FP197.1
  Bergamot and Coriander 160
Wonderful ozone fragrance featuring top note of bergamot infused with coriander, fresh ozone and plump orange married with white floral, jasmine, hawthorn, lily, musk and wild rose; just a lovely scent!
Body Safe, FP154
  productBerry Crème Brule 052
Creamy, warm and rich!  This famous dessert leads to vanilla top notes with glazed caramelized topping combined with sweet berries.
Body Safe.  FP174
  productBird of Paradise 149
The best of the island! Top fruity notes of passion fruit, dewy guava with hints of sweet vanilla and splash of musk.
Body Safe, FP 138
  Birthday Cake 045
Buttery rich yellow birthday cake with sweet butter cream frosting. Body Safe. FP147.9
  productBiscotti 164
Sweet vanilla cream base, middle notes of coffee with hints of warm rum and dark chocolate.  Simply a delicious aroma!
 Body Safe. FP 198
  Black Cherry 006
Black cheery goodness described as one of the best Black Cherry scents around by our customers.
Body Safe. FP126
New Fragrance! productBlack Ice 029
Guys love this scent (we took a vote, the girls love it too)! Great top notes of lemon, bergamot and pineapple leading to hints of clove, lavender and tree moss.
Body Safe  FP192.9
  productBlackberry Sage 042
Deep blackberries sun kissed with a touch of sweetness mixed with crushed fresh sage.
 Body Safe. FP212
  Black Raspberry Vanilla 184
Sparkling black raspberries intermingled with touches of peach, cassis, grapefruit, dew fruit.  Middle tones of fresh lilac, jasmine finished with raspberry musk.
Body Safe. FP200
  Blue Moon 088
Popular designer blend of beautiful white bouquet leading to a moonlit path with fruity jasmine, orange blossom and white roses. The heart blends lilac, violet and lily leading to a long lasting sensual musk.
Body Safe. FP200
  productBlueberry Muffin 007
Plump, ripe blueberries mixed into a mouthwatering sweet muffin batter. FP200
  Burning Love 104
Designer scent type full of fruity top notes with green apple, peach plum and pineapple leading to endless love of heart of orange blossoms, violets lilies and jasmine ending in a soft white musk.
Body Safe. FP200
  productButt Naked 095
Lively blend says fun and fruity with tops notes of cherry, strawberry, peach, fruity bubble gum spice leading to middle notes of cinnamon, jasmine, orange blossom and lily. Base notes of vanilla, cedar and musk bring all the scents together. Body Safe. FP138.9
  productButter Cream 188
Peaks of buttery vanilla frosting, a delicious smelling scent through and through!
Body Safe. FP212
  productButter Rum Crunch 009
Luscious, mouthwatering butter rum with orange and  cinnamon spice with a splash of coffee beans and brown sugar. Body Safe. FP145.9
  productButterscotch Brittle 071
Sweet butterscotch atop a mound of vanilla ice cream and topped with nutty butter pecans.
Body Safe. FP200
productCampfire S'mores 137
The scent of toasted marshmallow, crisp graham cracker, and milk chocolate will remind you of great times by the campfire! Body Safe. FP200

  productCandy Corn 105
This tri-colored favorite is packed full of sweet buttery vanilla with a tweak of sugared orange.
Body Safe. FP210
  productCannabis Flower 77A
This scent has a very mellow vibe.  Green, herbal earthy notes mingle with a touch of soft dewy floral.  Body Safe.
  productCantaloupe Lily 181
Lively Lily blossoms blended with fruity notes of ripe cantaloupe melon. Lovely scent!
Body Safe. FB167
  productCaramel Apple 135
Very popular scent starts with Crisp Granny Smith Apples wrapped in rich gooey caramel.
Body Safe FP196
  productCaramel Apple Cider 103
A rich, home aroma of ripened apples pressed with autumn spice notes of grated cinnamon, clove buds and a hint of nutmeg married with a creamy caramel. Body Safe.  FP 190
  productCaramel Nut Cluster 209
This sticky treat aroma combines creamy caramel, toasted pecans and creamed sweet butter.
Body Safe. FP198
  productCashmere 163
A lovely white musk infused with western cedar, sandalwood and vetiver.
Body Safe, FB149
  Cedar & Saffron 156
A warm woody blend of cedar, warm musk and sandalwood with a hint of patchouli; middle notes of saffron, clove with a touch of sun ripened berries.
  productCedarwood 172
Woody green apple bark is infused with Northern pine cedar blending with a touch of lavender and sweet patchouli. Base notes of woody vetiver, musk and vanilla lend to this popular blend.
Body Safe.  FP:165
New Scent! 
productCeltic Moon Spice 045A
Mythological 'Goddess of Fertility' Celtic Moon brings together enchanting notes of clove and cinnamon, vanilla silk and hints of berry leaf.
Body Safe FP212
  productChamomile & Musk Melon 144
An exhilaratingly fresh and exotic chamomile bouquet infusing Chinese Peony, sheer white floral, enveloped in a ripe musk melon base.
Body Safe FP200
  productCherry Lemonade 138
The ultimate refresher with the cool sparkle of luscious cherries and just-squeezed lemons.
Body Safe. FP210
  productChestnuts and Brown Sugar 123
Sweet roasted southern pecans and hazelnuts drenched in buttery brown sugar, sweet coconut and vanilla toffee. Oh so good!!
Body Safe FP192.9
  productChocolate Chip Cookies 174
Warm, gooey sweetness of brown sugar, milk chocolate and sweet butter filling the house.
Body Safe. FP210
  productChocolate Covered Cherries 185
Sweet red maraschino cherries smothered in a chocolate fudge base with hints of white marshmallow and cherry vanilla undertones.
Body Safe. FP200
  productChristmas Eve 113
A vivacious fruit and berry blend with holiday cherries, apples, peaches and strawberries followed with a scrumptious sweet vanilla base.
 Body Safe. FP197.1
  productChristmas Splendor 117
Celebrate the magic of the season with this splendid mix of fresh cut pine boughs of balsam, pine and fir wrapped around warmed cinnamon sticks, ground clove, with a base note of dried holiday fruits and sweet oak moss.
Body Safe. FP147.9
  productCinnamon Sticks 011
Full bodied, hot cinnamon aroma that is an excellent housewarming scent.
  productCinnamon Ginger 193
Popular ginger and mandarin are mingled with a light musk base with the boldness of spicy cinnamon.
   New Fragrance! productCinnamon Sugared Donut,  134A
Scrumptious aroma of walking into a bakery! Highlights of cinnamon, sweet vanilla and cloves wrapped around baked sweet dough.
   productCinnamon Vanilla 145
Popular blend of heartwarming cinnamon sugar mixed with undertones of cherries and buttery frosting wrapped in spiced clove and warm vanilla spice. Very popular mix!
  productCitronella 206
Bug off bugs!  This super strong zesty scent is well known in keeping the local mosquitoes at bay.
 Body Safe. FP165.9
  productCitrus & Sage 083
Top notes of winter sage and fresh citrus leading to middle notes of cedar, carnation, violet and lavender ending in base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.
Body Safe FP200
  productClothesline Fresh 012
Downey fabric softener type scent, soft and fluffy laundry! This is a wonderful clean and fresh scent with top notes of ozone, lemon lime and green apple leading to middle notes of soft violet, lavender, lily and jasmine. Base notes of cedar and musk round out our popular Clothesline Fresh.
Body Safe. FP210
  productCocoa Cappuccino 059
Ground espresso mixed with creamy Brazilian chocolate topped with a sweet vanilla froth, sprinkled with Dutch cocoa.
Body Safe. FP210
  productCoconut Cream Pie, 190
 Toasted coconut blended with creamy vanilla custard topped with a fluffy baked meringue. Body Safe.  FP196
  productCoconut Grove 055
Strong, creamy coconut blended with hints of the tropics! Body Safe.  FP196
  productCoconut Lime & Verbena 099
Our popular scent has a fresh citrus blend with top notes of tangerine, lime, orange and lemon verbena. The heart is clean and green with herbaceous sage, coriander, petigrain, thyme and lavender. The base is a subtle ozone white musk.
 Body Safe. FP163
  productCool Cucumber & Melon 013
A wonderful mixture of cool cucumber blended perfectly with refreshing cantaloupe.
Body Safe. FP198
  Cotton Candy 166
Sweet pastel carnival fun is here with this delightful candy treat. Top notes of sugarberry, strawberry and sweet fruity vanilla held together with a sweet cotton candy base.
 Body Safe. FP200
  productCookies for Santa 180
Scottish in origin, these rich, tender, crumby shortbread cookies are chuck full of delectable buttery notes with hints of milk chocolate, creamy caramel and toasted pecans; just scrumptious!
Body Safe. FP200

productCountry Berry Hotcakes 171
Warm 'hotcakes', pancakes where I come from, are covered with fresh country berries and drenched in maple syrup. This is one of those fragrances that you just love walking into a room that has this scent. Totally yummy!
Body Safe. FP200
  productCozy Cabin 195
Fallen leaves with hints of aged cedar, musk and pine needles. Body safe. FP 212
  Cozy Home 173
Cozy up by the fire! A home full of warm, housewarming spices with a burst of fresh apple.
  productCranberry Chutney 147A
Cranberry Chutney with a twist! Traditional tart ripened cranberries with sparkling red berries, cooking apples, golden raisins spiked with spices and a twist of orange. Another MillCreek favorite! Body Safe. FP 150.08
  productCreamy Dreamcicle 017
Creamy, rich sweet orange scent reminiscent of the favorite summer children's treat.
Body Safe. FP145.9
  productCrème Brule 201
This world famous dessert begins with a creamy base note of  luscious vanilla custard topped with rich caramelized sugar.
 Body Safe, FP 200
  productCup of Joe 206A (revised as of May 2017)
Cup of Joe is a full-bodied, dark roast coffee with that freshly brewed aroma.
 Body Safe, FP 190
Dream Catcher 126
Beautiful scent that features green floral notes with fruity touches blending to fresh ocean and a clean musk rain.
 Body Safe. FP200
  productDutch Apple Pie 014
A down home favorite with slices of juicy apples, covered with brown sugar and cinnamon and embraced in a warm baked curst.
 Body Safe. FP210
Enchanted 159
Designer type highlighted by top notes of sensual amber, dewy lime, pleasing violet and a kick of paprika spice and thyme mingled with flowering jasmine, redwood cedar.
Body Safe. FP:202
  productEucalyptus Mist 044
Eucalyptus greens blend beautifully with a hint of fresh ozone. One of MillCreek's favorites!
Body Safe. FP200
  productExtreme Vanilla 133
An extreme take on a long standing favorite! Sweet vanilla enveloped in buttery undertones.
 Body Safe. FP200
New Scent productFall Cornucopia 38A
This is a lush combination of cinnamon bark, fresh orange peel, warm vanilla and a hint of earthy nutmeg. Sure to be a favorite!
FP 150.1
  Fireside Musk 203
Curl up by the fire with this blend of warm sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and light musk that form the base for mid notes of violet and, jasmine and mingle with light citrus top notes. 
Body Safe. FP200

Special Savings
productFlannel Sheets 168
Divine medley of green aquatic top notes that seats in the heart of a lavender, white jasmine and damask rose wrapped around cashmere, sandalwood, patchouli and velvet musk.
Body Safe. FP 179.1
  productFlirt 101
This happy scent is a unique designer type floral with top notes of fresh red grapefruit and a cool petal floral bouquet. The heart blends mandarin tree blossoms and mountain laurel. 
 Body Safe. FP200
  productFrankincense & Myrrh 142
Captivating blend of woody cedar, spicy frankincense, myrrh, sweet sandalwood, musk and warm vanilla.
 Body Safe. FP200
  productFrench Vanilla 015
Rich, warm, velvety aroma with a slight almond undertone. Popular scent year round!
 Body Safe. FP210
New Scent productFrench Thyme 27A
French thyme and wild sage are infused with violet leaf and deep oak moss to compose this great home scent!
Body Safe. FP195.6
  productFresh Cut Grass 165
Cool green grass cut in summer's afternoon sun!
 Body Safe. FP141
  productFresh Cut Roses, 018
This floral bouquet begins with leafy green top notes leading  to a heart of roses, geraniums and carnations The dry is a soft violet musk.
Body Safe. FP200
  productFresh Fruit Slices 019
Tangy array of fresh citrus fruits combines grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime.
Body Safe, FB134
  productFresh Picked Macintosh Apple 046
Tempting fruity tart apples fresh from the tree!
Body Safe. FP200
  productFreesia & Musk 110
Stunning pink freesia flowers enveloped in orange blossom, lemongrass leading to white lily, rose petitgrain and lavender fused together with a silky white rain musk.
Body Safe. FP174.9
  productFrosted Carrot Cake 085
A delicious blend of rich cinnamon, spice and sweet carrots combined with a butter cake topped with a sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting.
Body Safe. FP190.9

productFrosted Graham Crackers 170
Crisp golden baked Graham crackers are filled with scrumptious vanilla bean frosting which is sure to get your taste buds watering.
 Body Safe. FP 212

productFruit Rings 146
What a fun scent! Bring back your childhood with the sweet smell of these colorful rings. Featuring orange zest, lemon rind and sweet cherry.
 Body Safe. FP 155
productGardenia Blossoms 020
The exquisite aroma of true tropical gardenia with a top note sweet, green and floral body.
 Body Safe. FP192.9
  productGinger Lime 161
Awaken the senses with this popular mix of freshly grated ginger root blended with freshly picked plump green juicy limes.
Body Safe. FP153
  productGreen Bamboo 202
Highlighting soothing leafy green bamboo accented with heliotrope, hibiscus and calming violet.
Body Safe, FB197
  productGreen Tea 100
Spirited and uplifting green floral with top notes of lemon, bergamot, lime and white grapefruit.  The heart is bright and fresh like a cool ocean breeze with a wisp of mint. The dry down is soft amber and earthy oak moss.
Body Safe. FP207
  productGourmet Sugar Cookie 021
Sweet and tender sugar cookies with wonderfully crisp edges full of sweet vanilla.
Body Safe. FP210


  productGrandma's Country Kitchen 106
Warm and cozy all wrapped up in one great smelling scent! Top notes of green apple, peach and pine needle leading to a spicy cinnamon clove and thyme ending in sweet balsamic spice.
  productGrated Nutmeg 074
Warm spice blend with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. Popular home scent year-round.
  productGroovy Patchouli 049
Woody hippy bouquet of rich cedar, oak moss, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. Very popular scent!
 Body Safe. FP210
productHarvest Spice 054
This scent is a strong, multipart mix containing cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice that says 'welcome home' through and through.
  productHeather Countryside 036
Open the door of your favorite florist shop and take in the fragrance! Heather Countryside is that wonderful mix of floras, greens and fresh mixed all in one.
Body Safe. FP141
  productHeaven Sent 176
Popular perfume type that is just heavenly! Smooth and woody floral musk with top notes of citrus bergamot. The heart is a velvety down with violets and sweet balsam. The dry is a long lasting sandalwood musk.  Also great in MillCreek's Soy Bath & Body Bases.
Body Safe. FP212
  productHeavenly Plumeria 022
Wonderful floral scent featuring the exotic flowering plumeria.  It has a sweet, tropical floral spray that can fill a room. 
Body Safe. FP210
  productHillbilly Homebrew 112
Red hot cinnamon sticks accented with toasted pecans and spiced plums. A customer favorite!
  productHigh Cotton 124
Wonderful crisp clean linen scent with just a kiss of fruit. Fresh cotton dancing in the summer sun by a gentle breeze. Body Safe.  FP205
  productHitched 198
This wedding day bouquet begins with narcissus, Bulgarian rose, Italian jasmine & white lilies. The woody spice heart combines rich blue violets, clove & velvety soft gardenia petals. The dry is a dreamy powdery musk.
Body Safe. FP182
  productHome and Hearth 192
A smooth, rich base of warm vanilla and cinnamon wrapped in a smoky woody sandalwood evergreen clove mixture.
Body Safe. FP212
  Honeysuckle Vine 016
Classic sweet honeysuckle.  A favorite with our customers!
Body Safe. FP200
  productIced Lemon Pound Cake 108
A delectable blend of rich vanilla, sugar, strong lemon zest, sparkling bergamot and toasted hazelnut. 
Body Safe. FP 210


  productIrish Cream Delight 131
Reminiscent of walking in a coffee house! Rich cocoa nutmeg blend dominates with sweet caramel cream to give it that special richness, with just a splash of the finest Irish spirits.
Body Safe. FP145.9
  productIsland Flower 175
Hawaiian floral with fruity with notes of peach, plum and black currant.  The floral accord mixes island jasmine, honeysuckle and plumeria.
Body Safe, FP 212
Japanese Quince 169
This is just one of those scents that when you smell it, you have to have it.  We were on a girls trip in a chic boutique and every person in the store asked the staff 'what is that fragrance?!".  Japanese Quince is just the right mix of crisp greens, fresh citrus peel, grapefruit, cassis with notes of jasmine, fir, geranium and lilac, held together with base notes of oak moss and deep amber. Body Safe FP 212
  Japanese Cherry & Blossom 155
Popular blend begins with a fruity sweet top notes of pretty banana apple berry accompanying wild rose, white jasmine mingle with base notes of precious woods, vanilla and dewy musk.
Body Safe FP169
  productJelly Bean 087
Fruited candied sugar bursting with sweetness.
Body Safe. FP212.
  productJuicy Watermelon 051
Enjoy the fruity fresh scent of summertime watermelon all year long.
 Body Safe. FP162
  productJust Peachy 056  (Revamped as of 8/2016)  and renamed to:  Georgia Peach

Close your eyes and remember biting into last summer's perfect ripened peach. Remember the juices running down your chin --oh yeah, we've bottled that great scent! Sun ripened peaches just dripping with sweet goodness!  Body Safe. FP210
productKudzu 109
Amazing deep blackberry, plum and great grape united with spicy cinnamon, violet and clove notes finish with a punch highlighted by cinnamon bark and sweet vanilla spice.
 Body Safe. FP210
  Lake House 077
Clean water notes mixed with water lilies and ivy. The base is a long lasting musk.
Body Safe, FP 210
productLaundry Day 136
GAIN a new appreciation for laundry day! Wonderfully popular fresh laundry scent with top notes of citrus, orange blossom, peach with a middle notes of lavender, jasmine, Ylang Ylang, lilac ending with a clean fresh accord, amber.
Body Safe. FP190.9
  productLavender Fields 023
This soothing and romantic blend begins with top notes of calming lavender and fresh ozone with  soft touches of woody undertones.
 Body Safe. FP210
  productLavender Vanilla 128
Lavender blend begins with a top note of bergamot and woody cedar leading to a heart of lavender and cashmere.  The dry is a long lasting vanilla musk.
Body Safe. FP200
  Leather "Cowboy Up" 122
The best of the west is represented in this true rawhide leather fragrance. Great stand alone scent or try mixing with fruits, vanilla, or spice notes.
Body safe. FP192.9
  Lemon Drop 024
Little yellow sugar coated jewels will give you a pucker! Refreshingly crisp scent, not overly sweet. Has an awesome scent throw.
Body Safe. FP124
  Lemon  Lavender, 189
Fresh, bright lemons come together with cool French Lavender. Lovely scent!
Body Safe. FP200
  Lemongrass 141
Fresh scent begins with top notes of green citrus peel, grapefruit and lemongrass enveloped in a clean citrus, clove and a ginger mix trailed by a woody musk base.
Body Safe. FP200
  Lick Me All Over/Cherry Vanilla 162
Base of vanilla notes with a mix of ripened cherry creates this popular luscious blend.
 Body Safe.  FP  167
  Litsea & Basil 107
Refreshing herbal blend opens with litsea, lemon zest, yuzu and dew fruit followed by dew dropped geranium, jasmine and sweet herb basil with just a splash of Italian vanilla.
Body Safe. FP 152.1
  productLilac Breeze 025
Conjuring up memories of sweet spring lilac blooms floating in a spring breeze.  Top seller, rave reviews!
 Body Safe. FP210
  productLily of the Valley 067
Late spring blossoms of tiny wedding bell blossoms dancing in the wind.  Wonderful floral spray.
Body Safe. FP212
  productLittle Black Dress 206A
Yes! Date night! Time to put on your little black dress and sprits on your favorite perfume. This scent will be sure to get your night started off right. Notes of Cyclamen, pink peony, ginger, plum and musk. Body Safe. FP 176
  Love Story 075
Designer perfume scent that puts a Love Spell on white lilies, infused with white musk.  Best Seller!
Body Safe. FP210
  Luscious Cheesecake 125
Rich cheesecake with buttery graham cracker crust and brown sugar and vanilla complimented with a rich vanilla cream filling. Stands alone or is fabulous when mixed with  Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate Kisses, Lemon Drop or Pumpkin Spice!
 Body Safe. FP196  
  productMagnolia 205
A southern favorite of sweet flowering magnolia blossoms mixed with just a hit of dewy green foliage. Lovely fragrance!
 Body Safe. FP170
  Magenta Nectar 053
Tops notes of sweet blood orange nectar leading to base notes of sweet vanilla bean.
Body Safe. FP199
  Mango Papaya 053
WOW! This is a wonderfully powerful scent of sweet/tart mango and juicy papaya right from the islands!
Body Safe. FP210
  Mediterranean Fig 152
Top notes of green apple, strawberry, melon and fig. The heart is a fresh green floral with lily, rosewood jasmine and violet. The base is a rich woody bouquet with oak moss and velvety cashmere.
Body Safe. FP212
  productMidnight Frost 147
Frost tipped green notes of geranium, jasmine and violet, with warm notes of musk highlighted with mandarin and grapefruit.
Body Safe. FP205
  Mineral Springs 196
Spa inspired of ozone notes blended with fresh ginger, notes of jasmine, leafy greens, musk, sandalwood finishing with a splash of zesty lemon.
Body Safe, FP 180
  Mint Candy Cane 026
A blast of true peppermint, sure to awaken the senses. Excellent scent for your holiday line and your bath and body products.
Body Safe. FP200
  Mistletoe 114
Getting caught under the mistletoe has never been better! The heart of this holiday favorite is a wonderful green array kissed with mistletoe, jasmine and rose. Cinnamon, fir balsam, cedar and clove add inner warmth and richness. Body Safe. FP171
  Monkey Farts/Monkey Business 084
Fun and fruity to say the least! Starting with a top note of sweet pineapple, banana and orange leading to a heart that combines green apple, coconut rum and dreamy vanilla.
Body Safe. FP169
  Morning Dew 034  (Spring Rain)
A lovely blend of fresh aromatics and clean musk's creates the fresh, green-earthy smell of a spring rain.
Body Safe. FP210
  Mountain Lake 027
Pristine mountain air mingled with rustic musk, and hints of pine for an outdoor sensation. If only all men could smell this good! Popular with men and women alike.
Body Safe. FP210
  Mulled Cider 111

Warm fall favorite with aged apple cider simmered with all spice, ground ginger and clove enveloped in a rich cinnamon spice base.
Body Safe. FP122
  Mulberry Wine 028
Don't let the name fool you, this scent is most definitely a burst of tart, sun-ripened mulberries, making it a great home scent.  It's been a Mulberry fan favorite since 2003! Body Safe. FP125
  productMusk 178
Top notes of bergamot, lime, and geranium, leading to middle notes of lavender, petit grain, herbal green, fir needle, and rosemary, wrapped in a base of  woody, oak moss, musk and amber.
 Body Safe. FP205
productNag Champa 043
Rich & exotic oriental bouquet with a violet & clove top note leading to a sensual blend of  amber, musk, labdanum, ylang ylang, and sandalwood.
Body Safe. FP210
  productNight Blooming Jasmine 062
Beautiful flora bouquet of the sweet blooms of the jasmine flower. Top notes of jasmine, rose & ylang.
Body Safe.  FP212
  productNishiki Grapefruit 064
Blushing pink citrus blend that is refreshing, uplifting and invigorating to awaken the senses. Great in wax and be sure to try in MC's Soy Bath and Body Bases!
Body Safe,  FP172.9
  productNorthern Lights 127
This pleasurable scent is a designer favorite highlighting floral notes of white lilies, fresh ozone with a bright base of tonka musk. A MillCreek favorite!
Body Safe, FP 189
Oatmeal Milk & Honey 072
Creamy vanilla blend with fresh oatmeal, honey and musk. Makes a wonderful candle and beautiful in the soy bath and body line.
Body Safe. FP210
  Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 092
Pure delight in this scent of fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies right from the oven with sweet creamy butter, brown sugar, plump juicy raisins and home spun spices.
Body Safe. FP200
  Oceans 200
Designer scent of sparkling cool water, citrus with quince, pineapple & honeydew followed by the water flowers of lotus blossom & lily. The middle blends may rose, jasmine & ozone ending in exotic orris, vetiver & sandalwood.
 Body Safe FP200
  productOdor Eliminator 139
Helps eliminate the less desirable scents our homes have at times, akin to dogs, fish and smoke. May be used alone or in combination with other scents. For wax applications only. FP142
New Scent productOrchid 42A
Orchid is a velvety, sensual floral that blends sheer citrus blossoms with intense tropical flowers and deep amber assented with warm musk. Body Safe. FP
  productOrange Clove 091
This robust home aroma starts with top notes of plump, juicy orange,  apple,  raisin and peach. The heart blends clove, cinnamon and tea leaves joining together with a sweet spicy musk. Popular!
Passionate Kisses 097
Top notes of citrus bergamot and sweet cherries leading to white floral, sweet raspberry and peach, ending with base notes of creamy vanilla, soft musk and a touch of sandalwood.
Body Safe. FP187
  Peanut Butter Crunch 207
An enticing blend of peanut butter and cookie dough, brown sugar, vanilla, and spices are mixed with rich, creamy peanut butter and crunchy, roasted chopped peanuts.
Body Safe.  FP200
  Pear & Berries 030
Fresh pears enhanced with an undertone of woodsy berries.
Body Safe. FP210
  Pear & Vanilla Bean 194
Gingered fruity pear, combined with a smooth vanilla bean base. Just a lovely scent! A customer favorite!
 Body Safe. FP 192.9
  Pineapple 153
A delightful blend of Hawaiian pineapple, banana, a cool tropical breeze and sweet vanilla coconut.
Body Safe. FP190.9

Pink Bubble Gum 140
Popping bubbles has never been more fun! This sweet entertaining scent is sure to bring you a smile.
Body Safe, FP 109.9

Pink Cactus 080
Popular designer type scent  brings tommy girl bright florals of pink cacti flower mingled with top notes of citrus and green notes with the base of cedar and sandalwood.
Body Safe, FP 197
  Pink Sugar 090
Lively floral with top notes of bergamot,  orange, strawberry and licorice. The heart blends red fruit, lily of the valley, fig leaves and soft powder notes. The base is a cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk and woody blend.
 Body Safe. FP212
  Plum Crazy/Dragon Blood 058
Fresh spunky plums mingled with a touch of spices and a zing of plum sprits. Commonly renamed Dragon Blood.
Body Safe. FP210
  productPomegranate 158
Top notes of lively ruby-red pomegranates infused with fresh green apple, fruity peach, and sun ripened strawberries blended with a hint of vanilla musk base. 
 Body Safe.  FP:146
  productPomegranate & Citrus 183
A fantastic combination! The sweet tartness of red ripe pomegranates mixed with the zesty zing of fresh citrus.
 Body Safe. FP200
  Pucker Up! 167 
Designer perfume type scent with top notes of citrus bergamot and sweet cherries leading to white floral, sweet raspberry and peach, ending with base notes of creamy vanilla, soft musk and a touch of sandalwood, very sexy for her.
Body Safe. FP187
  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles  167
Oh so good! The best of pumpkin, warm spices and pecans wrapped in a sweet waffle batter dripping in maple syrup.
  Pumpkin Soufflé 154
Delectable fluffy pumpkin base with a blend of creamy milk notes, harvest pumpkin, and grated spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.
  productPumpkin Spice 031
Popular scent of seasoned pumpkin aroma with a fall spice mix that says "welcome home".
Body Safe. FP210
Raspberry Guava 089
Tropical fresh ripened guava mixes with red raspberries for this fruity bright combo.
 Body Safe FP136.9
  Red Currant 118
This spirited blend begins with ripe Northern red currant berries intermingled with green apples, tangy orange.
 Body Safe FP154
  Rejuvenate 157
Renew your inner self with uplifting leafy green mint, soothing musk and a calming vanilla note.
Body Safe, FP146
  Sangria Kisses 
Kisses are sure to be sweeter with the aroma of fruity chilled Sangrias bursting with juicy peaches and plump red strawberries kissed with just a splash of sweet brandy.
Body Safe, FP192
  Satin Sheets 073
Designer scent with c
lean and fresh notes of leafy greens, peach and apple. The heart of this popular blend blends jasmine, fresh mountain air, ferns lavender, rose and lily. The base is cashmere and sandalwood.
Body Safe. FP200
  Seaside 047
Take a walk along the sandy beach and embrace the uplifting scent of the salty sea.
 Body Safe. FP183.9
  Sex on the Beach/Fun in the Sun 032
True to popular drink that shares the name, fruity tropical blend with layers of coconut, pineapple, peach and orange.
Body Safe. FP190
  Snickerdoodle 078
Warm baked Snickerdoodle cookies fill the home with yummy vanilla kissed with sweet cinnamon.
Body Safe, FP 210
  Soothing Sandalwood 069
An exotic earthy and rich sandalwood blend.  The top combines mandarin and bois de rose. A touch of  jasmine and cedar add a sensuous of ambiance. The dry, elegant musk sandalwood and soft amber.
Body Safe. FP205
  Southern Hospitality 081
The heart is herbaceous and woody with juniper breeze, aloe, hawthorn and night blooming jasmine. Sparkling fresh bouquet with a top note blend of fruity apples, peaches and clean melon. The dry, a soft heliotrope and musk. A MillCreek favorite!
 Body Safe. FP188
  Spanish Melon 065
Top notes of  juicy Honeydew leading into  refreshing bursts of sweet mixed melons that says nice and fruity; bring on the cocktails!
Body Safe. FP169
  Spiced Cranberry 033
Cranberry, orange, and pomegranate combined with cinnamon, clove and vanilla blended together to create this top selling favorite.
  Spicy Gingerbread 070
(also known as Hansel & Gretel's House)
The sweet yet spicy aroma of rich warm gingerbread cookies right out of the oven. Top notes of ginger, cloves, ground nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon spice.
  Spiced Eggnog 057
This holiday favorite has tops notes of warm sprinkled nutmeg, clove and cinnamon spice that blends perfectly with the rich creamy vanilla tones of eggnog and a smidgen of buttered rum.
 Body Safe. FP212
  Spiced Plum 119
Rich, plump, purple plums are accented with sun ripped blackberries and juicy grapes enveloped in spicy undertones containing cinnamon bark, ground clove and vanilla spice. Body Safe, FP212
  Splendid Butter Pecan 008
Rich, true southern pecans. Nutty with smooth butter undertones. Sure to make your mouth water!
Body Safe FP210
  Strawberries and Champagne130
Fruity bouquet beginning with top notes of peach, berry, melon and orange.  The heart combines fresh strawberries, plums and rose champagne. The base is a sweet raspberry musk.
Body Safe FP192
  Strawberry Jam 037

Bright red strawberries picked at their peak and preserved in a sweet syrup! This scent is sure to please! Body Safe FP192
  Sun and Sand type 186
Breathtaking beach breezes blended with orange flower, citrus and a touch of musk.
  productSunflower 121
Stunning floral perfume spray with just the right mix of ozone notes, a really lovely scent!
Body Safe. FP 190
  Sunset 116
Imagine midsummer nights with notes of white musk and clean notes. Loved by women and men alike.
Body Safe, FP 199.9
  Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper 182
What a fusion! This popular scent starts with top notes of tree ripened sweet oranges mixed with a bit of fiery red chili peppers.
Body Safe. FP210
  Sweet Pea & Me 038
The sweet fragrance of the flowering sweet pea.  Wonderful throw in candles, lovely scent in MC's soaps and splash!
Body Safe. FP210
 New Arrival!
Teakwood & Mahogany 005B
This is the scent that ambushes you when you hit that super hip store in the mall. We love it! Top notes of bergamot and sea grass, lily and violet are rounded out with Tonka, teakwood and an amber musk. Body Safe. FP 145.2
  Tall, Dark & Handsome 204
Designer scent type of black bergamot herbaceous with eucalyptus, sage, coriander,  nutmeg followed by musky mandarin,  incense, lotus flower, exotic woods with a dark violet base.
Body Safe. FP 210
  Tangerine Lavender 082
Combines two great fragrances into one incredible scent. Top notes of citrus orange and tangerine infused with a wild amethyst lavender and bois de rose held together with an oak moss musk base.
Body Safe. FP129.9
  Tobacco Flower 66
The scent of sweet green tobacco leaves. A wonderful scent that brings back sweet memories of sitting at granddad's knee!
Body Safe.
  Tranquil 151
Calming lavender base notes are combined with dewy flowering chamomile making a truly tranquil scent. Very lovely!
Body Safe. FP129.9
  Tulip 079
Delightful top notes of fresh tulip, carnation and jasmine balanced with a floral musk and hints of earthy green. 
Body Safe. FP 186 
Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha 039
An irresistible rich coffee bean blend wrapped around a combination of luscious sweet vanilla with a warm hazelnut mocha aroma.  Truly a coffee lovers dream!
Body Safe. FP174.9
  Vanilla Chai 143
Delectable Vanilla Chai Tea with creamy vanilla and a herbaceous blend of green and black teas. Brewed aroma has hints of chamomile, grated clove and spicy cinnamon.
Body Safe. FP212
  Vineyard 048
Delightful fruity with top notes of plump grapes, strawberry and fuzzy peach.  The heart blends geranium rose, green leaves and black plum. The base is a sweet raspberry vanilla.
Body Safe. FP183.9
  Vermont Maple Sugar 063
Creamy sweet vanilla is blended with rich maple and warm toasted pecans that makes you want to say 'bring on the pancakes!
Body Safe. FP147
Warm Baked Bread 068
This fresh crusty delight will have your friends and family longing for a hot buttered scrumptious slice.
Body Safe. FP212
  Warm Vanilla Oak 197
Warm, rich, wood fragrance combines bottom notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and raspberry with mid notes of violet, eucalyptus, spicy cinnamon and clove, with light top notes of orange and bergamot. Great scent!
 Body Safe. FP165
  productWarm Vanilla Sugar 054A
Warm vanilla beans wrapped in sweet velvet cream; ending in a soft fruity note.
Body Safe. FP210
  Warm Cinnamon Buns 040
Fresh baked from oven, the heartwarming scent of buttery sweet cinnamon rolls covered in creamy vanilla cinnamon icing.
  White Pine 050
Holiday tradition of finding the perfect Christmas tree.  Incredible deep Northwood evergreen scent that guys love. Body Safe. FP200
  productWhite Tea & Ginger 041
Bright citrus & tea blend begins with bergamot, white tea, mandarin and ginger. The aromatic heart combines garden thyme, winter jasmine, nutmeg, peony and mimosa with accents of crisp leafy greens and wild lavender.
Body Safe.FP210
Fragrant bouquet clusters of hanging wisteria sending off waves of beautiful scents.
Body Safe. FP190
  productWhite Zinfandel 060
Fruity blend top notes intermingled with a grape wine drying to a sweet musk.
Body Safe. FP181
Ylang Ylang Ginger 177
Ylang Ylang, bergamot, orange and lemon lime mixed with warm ginger spice, lavender and cloves wrapped in a spicy musk base. Body Safe. FP210
Zen 148
Spa inspired musk and smooth vanilla form a relaxing base for notes of peony, rose, violet and white cherry blossom with airy melon top notes.
 Body Safe.  FP211
  First Aid Procedures for Fragrance Oils:  KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH!
INHALATION:    Remove from the exposure to fresh air.
EYE CONTACT:  Flush immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Contact a physician if irritation persists.
SKIN CONTACT:  Remove any contaminated clothing.  Wash affected areas thoroughly with soap and water.  If irritation persists, contact a physician.
INGESTION:  Give water or milk to dilute.  Contact a physician.
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