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How to use MillCreek Supplies

How to Make: Soy Wax Candle

  1. Line your work surface with newspaper.
  2. Wick jars with wick-stickers, making sure to center.
  3. Using the double-boiler method or a Presto Kitchen Kettle with a thermostat, heat wax to 175. Never leave heating wax unattended.
  4. Pour heated wax into a separate container. (example: empty coffee can)
  5. If  using colorant, add desired amount. Stir until completely dissolved. If using color flakes you may add a small amount to wax and heat separately to ensure color is fully dissolved and then add to larger quantity of melted wax.
  6. Add your choice of fragrance oil, 1.5 oz by weight to 1 pound of the melted soy wax when wax reaches 175. Stir well. This part is a must and not to be skipped. You MUST WEIGH your fragrance oil and soy wax. The soy can be weighed before or after melted, it will weigh the same.
  7. For the 100% soy wax, let wax cool to a temperature of around 100-110.  For the Golden 444 Soy Blend, allow wax to cool between 145-160.  The 100% soy wax may appear to have a film or cloudy look and will be a very thin slush. 
  8. Again, stir gently and pour s-l-o-w-l-y  into wicked jars.
  9. Hold wick in place with a clip-style clothespin or wrap wick around a pencil.
  10. Allow soy wax to cool.  We like to let our soy candles cure for a few days for maximum scent throw, but it's hard to wait that long! Don't be afraid to burn your candles the next day. If you prefer smooth tops on your candles, just use a heat gun (hardware store $30) or hot hair dryer to re-melt top layer. Pouring at a cooler temperature will aid in smoother tops.
            Some must-haves for candle making: a thermometer and a good scale. These can both be found at most Wal-Mart. A nice, reasonable priced scale is brand named 'Good Cook' and sells for around $35.00 and can be found in the kitchen section.

Helpful Hints:

  • Pouring at too hot a temperature could result in "frost-lines", little white vein marks in your candles. To avoid, pour at lower temperature. Some colors are also prone to this, shades of blue and red. It does not affect the burn of the candle.
  • Use caution when working around your kitchen and laundry sinks. Soy wax can clog pipes.  See our FAQ page for more helpful hints!

Soybean wax candles have many benefits!

  • Soy candles can last three times longer than many candles made with petroleum based wax.
  • They burn with much less black soot, which is great for you and your home!!
  • Best of all, support the American Farmer by using the soybean, a renewable and sustainable resource! So get the word out!
  • Soybean wax candles are great candles to enjoy and burn!

How to Make: All Natural Pillar Candle

Supplies Needed:  MillCreek's All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax, mold, wick, wick plug, fragrance and color if desired, wick holder and baking wire rack.
This wax has a scent load of 5% to 8%. A slight cure time is recommend for optimal scent throw. We recommend using one ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax. The HTP 105 wicks are a great wick size to start your testing process for the pillar molds MillCreek supplies.

  1. Melt MC's All Natural Pillar/Votive wax as directed for soy container candles. Adding fragrance and colorant as directed for soy container candles. While allowing wax to cool to 160, follow the next step.
  2. Remove wick tab from wick. Thread up through mold and place wick plug in the drilled hole in bottom outside of mold. Pull wick through until 1/4" remains on outside bottom. Wrap the wick around a skewer keeping taunt. Place on wire baking/cooling rack to keep mold level.
  3. S-l-o-w-l-y pour pillar wax mixture into prepared mold at 160.  Tap mold to release air bubbles and pockets.
  4. This step is optional and is only needed if you are experiencing sink holes. As wax begins to harden poke three to four relief holes around the wick.  Re-pour at this time taking extra care not to pour above original fill level.  Allow to dry completely.
  5. After the pillar is completely dry remove your pillar from the mold.  To make removal a bit easier you may place your mold in the refrigerator or freezer for no more than five minutes. Pillar should pop out easily. If not, you can place mold in a warm water bath to loosen from mold.
  6.  If needed, level the bottom of your pillar candle. Place pillar on an old cookie sheet over a hot water bath just until base is level.
  7. Let pillar candle dry completely and label with pillar warning label. 

For gift giving or resale, place your pillar candles in cellophane bags and embellish top closure. You can also make personal pillar paper wraps with your business and contact information.

How to Make: Personalized Bath and Body Liquid Bases

To personalize MillCreek's Soy Bases simply add 1/2 ounce to one ounce (not  more than one ounce for soap base; 2oz+ may be used for spray base; test fragrance for desired scent) body safe fragrance oil per gallon of soy base and, if desired, a few drops body safe colorant.  When mixing is complete use MillCreek's heavy duty push pump to dispense into 4oz and 8oz soap/spray bottles. Or for each 4 ounce bottle add 2 ounces of base, 10-15 drops body safe fragrance oil, 1 drop body safe colorant and shake until incorporated. Keep adding base and shaking until bottle is 1/2" from top.

When working with bath and body products make sure to sterilize any equipment that comes in contact with tap water, including mixing equipment, bowls, bottles, ect.  Rubbing alcohol works great.

Directions for Melt & Pour Soap Bases

For each pound of soap base cut into chunks and melt in microwave or double-boiler, making sure not to boil or scorch, much like melting chocolate.  Add 1/2 to 3/4 ounce body safe fragrance oil and 2 drops of body safe colorant to base (may use more color to desired shade) stir. For ease in removal, molds may be sprayed with clear vegetable spray (slight spray and give a quick wipe out with paper towel). Pour into molds.  If bubbles form, give them a sprits of rubbing alcohol.  Allow soaps to harden approximately four hours.  To aid in soap releasing from molds, place in freezer for 10 minutes.  Soap is ready for use or wrapping.  MillCreek offers small 3"x9" cellophane bags that are perfect for packaging your finished soaps.

Directions for MillCreek's 'Soap Bugs'

Melt and scent Crystal Clear Melt and Pour soap base according to the above instructions.  May use one or two drops of blue colorant to make soap look like water.  Pour base into clean, dry molds.  The best mold for 'Soap Bugs' is our Plain Rectangle Mold.  Allow soap to set for one minute and with the aid of a toothpick, gently place your bug, fish or flower into the soap making sure to center and make sure to place the bug upside down. When the soap is dry and removed from the mold you will want the bugs to be facing upwards.  Let the bars dry four hours or until completely hardened.  Place in freezer to aid in release from mold. They are now ready for use or wrap in MillCreek's 3" x 9" cellophane bags. Kids really love this soap! Makes a great party gift. 

County Fair Fish-in-a-Bag Soap Directions

Melt and scent Crystal Clear Melt and Pour soap base according to above instructions adding one to two drops of blue body colorant to make soap look like water.  Pour six ounces, or desired amount, of soap base into one 3" x 9" bag and allow to set just until a very slight film forms on top of soap. Gently place one or two fish into the setting soap base with the aid of a toothpick.  Allow soap to completely harden.  Secure top of bag with included twist tie that come with our 3" x 9" cellophane bags.  These are super cute soaps, kids just love them!

Directions for Making Dipped Critters

Supplies Needed: Bear, Soy Wax, Beeswax, Fragrance Oil, Rubber Gloves, Fork, Wax Paper, Cellophane Bag, Homespun or Ribbon

If dipping more than one color of bear, start with lighter colors. For one 7.5" bear, melt one pound of soy wax and 1-2 ounces of beeswax, melt wax, add 1 to 1.5 ounces fragrance oil to mixture at 175*, let cool until you can handle wax (around 135*). Dip bear into scented wax. Using rubber gloves squeeze out as much wax as possible. Take a fork and fluff the fur until desired look is achieved. Place on wax paper to dry. When dry, place your scented air freshener bear on plate to protect furniture. You may also use MillCreek's All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax in place of soy wax and beeswax. Directions are the same.

For gift giving, wrap bear in the large cellophane bag and embellish with homespun or ribbon.

Directions for injecting critters with scent: Simply inject critter with one ounce fragrance oil directly into body using a syringe for a great room freshener. Place on a non-staining surface to protect furniture.