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For reference, the wick sizes in order from smallest to largest:

Tea S330
HTP 73
HTP 83
HTP 104
HTP 105
HTP 126
HTP 1212
HTP 1312

MillCreek Wicks  

What size wick do I need?  Please see FAQ Page for more info.

 Different size containers need different size wicks.  Please take advantage of MillCreek's wick sampler packs. They range in size from votives to 3 1/2-4" diameter openings. When trying to find the correct application for your container, MillCreek's Wick Sampler Pack is a great place to start.  Measure the opening diameter of your container, compare that measurement to the chart below.  Give us an email and we can give you a great place to start your testing. Trying to achieve a full melt pool 1/4" to 3/4" deep within 3 hours is desirable.

5 Sample Wicks
 Price $1.00

Description.... Choose a wick size and receive 5 wicks. Perfect for testing candles

Wick Size



Tea Lights Wicks
 100 count

The 36-24-24 size may also be used for tea cups.

 Please test for individual results.

Tea Lights and/or Votives Wicks

100 count
Please test for individual results.

If choosing USPS Shipping, only four packs of wicks will fit in box.
 If ordering more than four packs and/or other products, UPS must be used.

      Wicks for Small Containers (2" to 2.5" diameter)

 100 count

7 inches in length

Beginning Testing: 2 oz. Small Jelly Jar, Votive,
 4 oz Jelly Jar

Must test for individual results.

Wicks for Medium Containers (2.5" to 3"  diameter)

 100 count

7 inches in length

Beginning Testing: 10 oz. round, 8 oz pint jelly jar.
The HTP 105 is also a great starting point for our pillar molds.

Must test for individual results.

Wicks for Large/ Extra Large Containers
(3" to 3.5" diameter)

 100 count

7 inches in length

 (double wicking of smaller applications may be applied for containers 3" and over).

 Must test individual results